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Wed, 09 Mar 2005 22:41:44 GMT
Attention.xml Could Change PR

Steve Rubel: Attention.xml is a new technology standard that's being proselytized by influencers like Steve Gillmor, David Sifry, Robert Scoble and Jeremy Zawodny. Basically it is metadata that records and shares information on the "attention" users give to their RSS feeds and blogs. Scoble said that by the end of 2005 we'll all know what attention.xml is and why it's important for the services we choose to support it. Listening to this podcast with Steve Gillmor and Chris Pirillo today, I could not help but agree.

Randy: I keep hearing about attention.xml. I ask, "What is it?" I'm pointed to a Webpage, which makes it sound like OPML. I say, "You mean it's another OPML?" They always answer "No."

Now, I jump into the time machine and go back five years.

I keep hearing about RDF. I ask, "What is it?" I'm pointed to a Webpage, which makes it sound like XML. I say, "You mean it's another XML?" They always answer "No."

Sounds like the new RDF.

Reminder to self, listen to the podcast tonight.

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