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Wed, 09 Mar 2005 21:52:12 GMT

Seth Russel: We should find some way to eliminate the domain name from our tags. A tag is a tag is a tag, is the same tag, regardless if it is tagged at technocarti or or fliker or whatever.

Marc Canter: So how can we take those ideas - get folks using the ENT namespace and create a truely open topic exchange.

Randy: What I'm getting is that we want a tag that isn't tied to a cloud. The clouds being, flickr and technorati. Nor do we want these tags to point to a specific online resource. So, we want identifiers, without domains, that don't point to an online resources. Kinda sounds like a URI, one that isn't a URL. Like a URN. Maybe we need a URN namespace, like urn:folksonomy:tagname.

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