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Sun, 06 Mar 2005 22:16:46 GMT

Today, I was thinking about subscribing to the AlwaysOn RSS feed. First of all, the Webpage takes forever to render, then I clicked thru on the XML link and this brought me to another Web page, which is the popular choice these days. I then arrive at another page that presents four different variations of RSS. But they are not clickable. You have to copy and paste the URLs. Very stupid. I cut and paste and guess what? It's not well-formed XML. I tried to leave feedback and I arrived at a page full of banners and no input box or clickable email address. They must have lots of subscribers.

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At line 138, position 22, I see a byte with the hex value of  0x92, not 0x12.  And not a character reference in any case, but an actual byte.

- Sam Ruby
Sam, thanks I'll investigate, I trust I was wrong on the well-formed XML, as I respect your knowledge in this area. But since I'm banned from commenting in your blog, and since you persist in injecting fake versions of my feeds into Bloglines, I really wish you'd just go away. Thanks and have a nice day,


The feed isn't well formed XML.  The error message isn't correct.  FWIW.

What's this about a feed into bloglines?

In October, you accused me of modifying your commentss when I had done no such thing.  Is this likely to reoccur?

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