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Wed, 26 Jan 2005 18:40:29 GMT
USM Client Installer

I added USM capability for 20 RSS readers into the USM reference implementation client. Click here to download the installer. The installer will prompt you for your preferred RSS reader. The supported RSS readers are My Yahoo!, My MSN, Bloglines, NewsGator Online, Ampheta Desk, Awasu, Bot a Blog, Bottom Feeder, FeedValidator, fyuse, Headline Viewer, IzyNews, mobilerss, NewsIsFree, NewsMonster, nttp://rss, Radio Userland, Syndic8, Wildgrape, WinRSS. I don't spend much time debugging, so please send me feedback and bugs.

If you want me to add support for your aggregator, then please ping me with the instructions. The USM client is open source and public domain, so please feel free to copy and paste my efforts. Attribution appreciated, not required.

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