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Wed, 26 Jan 2005 01:13:37 GMT
More Fun in Syndicationland

Eric Lunt: The other interesting "debate" that has flared up again recently is the "auto-subscription" issue: if you click on a little XML chicklet, what should happen? [cut] The MIME-type approach has found a recent champion in Randy Charles Morin, with his Universal Subscription Mechanism proposal. Both solutions have interesting technical challenges, yet neither approach helps a brand new user that doesn't yet have a client ... nor is it possible to really handle multiple clients ("I want most feeds to go to NewsGator, but my podcasts I want to go to iPodder ... oh, and Azureus should handle my television feeds").

Randy: I like the register this feed with X and this feed with Y thinking.

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From either a feed:// or MIME perspective, that just means inserting a breakout module.

From an auto-discovery perspective, each destination is a right-click (or whichever) away.


The USM module I'm testing for my Agg takes into account the possibility of multiple Aggs - and that's easy to do - but maybe others won't be so magnanimous.


Type "339":
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