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Sun, 23 Jan 2005 12:05:16 GMT
Reference Implementation of the USM Client

I enhanced the reference implementation of the USM client so that it works with My Yahoo!, My MSN, Bloglines and NewsGator Online. If you want me to add another RSS reader, simply give me the command-line substitution string for that reader. For example, the command-line for the four Web readers mentionned are listed here.

Of course, these need not be URLs. They can be simple command-lines.

To use the USM client, save the target executable (usm.client.exe) to your harddrive by right-clicking on it and selecting Save Target As from the context menu. Run it once, to register it. Then begin subscribing to USM capable blogs, there's over a million of them already.

I'll publish the full code from time to time, so we can all learn and move forward. You can already preview an earlier version of the code.

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