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Thu, 20 Jan 2005 13:18:11 GMT
Dave Winer on USM, Part Deux

Dave Winer: Randy, USM is a "boil the ocean" app. It's easy to get the vendors to agree to it, I suppose (personally I don't want anything called Atom in my feeds, but that's just a personal preference). But that little app installed on the user's machines, let me know when you've got Microsoft and Apple not to mention all the Linux distros on board, and then wait five years for their installed base to upgrade. I'm only posting this out of courtesy to you, btw, I'm totally not interested in debating supposed technical solutions.

Randy: There's no wait five years for the install base. A USM enabled RSS aggregator works today on many blogs. Microsoft does not need to distribute anything. Tomorrow (a few months). USM will work on most all blogs.

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