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Wed, 19 Jan 2005 15:01:03 GMT
Feedburner to USM

I just finished using FeedBurner to make my RSS feed USM compliant. Anybody can do this, as long as your blog supports auto-discovery. The steps are as follows...

Note that your auto-discovery link on your blog homepage can still point to your original RSS feed, it does not need to point to the FeedBurner burned feed. Unless, of course, you want to take advantage of FeedBurner's other services, in which case, you should also update your auto-discovery link.

Update: You also have to make certain that Browser-Friendly Burner is unchecked.

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Unfortunately, I don't understand what pain RapidFeeds is trying to solve. So it can publish an RSS feed, but a CMS that publishes RSS and nothing else is lacking. RSS is a tool, not an application. Also, it doesn't help that the RapidFeeds site is ramp with 404s.


fortunately I understand  what pain rapidfeeds is trying to solve .publish feeds ,really  Cool  with rapidfeeds . kmasme

I agree wid ya!


I agree wid ya kmasme!


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