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Sat, 15 Jan 2005 23:45:56 GMT
LiveJournal is down due to power failure

Temporarily Unavailable

LiveJournal: LiveJournal is currently down due to a massive power failure at our data center. We'll provide updates at /powerloss/ as they're available.

Randy: Yikes! Can't wait to learn from the post-mortem. Reliability of scalable systems.

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man, fuck this, dude.
i needs livejournal like flowers need rain
I want some extended paid time for this.
i'm jonesing for my flist right now.
fuckkkkk I need my LJ
how annoying!!
I thought this was a new server and supposed to be good?
You guys are idiots. -_(\ This blog post is from *2005*.
i need to find an old entry! i hope it's still there when it comes back!
LMFAO!!! 2005 guys~
fail maor, plox.

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