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Mon, 10 Jan 2005 23:37:02 GMT
RSS Reader Market Share

Dick: Top 20 RSS clients across FeedBurner most highly subscribed 800 feeds as of January 6, 2005.

Randy: Dick compiles a list of the top RSS clients. Note that #1 is a Web-based RSS reader; Bloglines. Since the stats are based on "unique combinations of user-agent and IP addresses within a single 24 hour period", then Web-based RSS readers should be penalized; report low results versus number of actual users. So, how does Bloglines make #1 and by a longshot? Does this mean that Bloglines is a badly misbehaved aggregator? Looks like the start of a great blog. Subscribed.

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hey there,  quite the contrary, bloglines is one of the web-based aggregators that i refer to that provides its subscriber numbers in every request it makes (so it may make only 24 requests during the day, but each time it makes the request, it points out that it's doing so on behalf of, say, 48 subscribers). It is by no means a misbehaving aggregator.  In the user-agent/ip address paragraph, i was referrring to the desktop aggregators. Thanks.

Dick Costolo, FeedBurner
Thanks for the clarification.


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