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Mon, 03 Jan 2005 17:48:29 GMT
The Social Bit Takes Care of Itself
Dave Walker: You know that guy at the office, the one who’s always trying just a little too hard to be your friend? Most “social networking” sites remind me of that. They try to force the issue. What Flickr and get right is that the social nature of the software is a side effect of the software’s ingenious construction. Unlike a Friendster or an Orkut, you don’t build great goofy clouds of contacts and then rank them, like ice cream flavors or something. You do something fun — you show off your pictures, share your links, give them clever keywords so other people can find them, and — the social bit takes care of itself. Your friends find you, find your pictures, subscribe to feeds of all the arcane trivia you’ve surfed over this week, all without the venture-capital-trying-to-find-an-exit-stategy flop sweat that pours off the Friendsters and Linked-Ins of the world.
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