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Mon, 27 Dec 2004 21:55:42 GMT
Is ATOM dead?

Jevon MacDonald: Is ATOM dead? Did RSS innovate ATOM into history with podcasting, weather feeds, photo feeds, and the million other applications that RSS has turned out to be perfect for?

Randy: I doubt Atom is dead. As much as I hate the Atom syntax, the AtomAPI doesn't have much competition and will likely win the day. The competition is BloggerAPI which is deprecated and MetaWeblogAPI which is built on top of BloggerAPI, is broken and uses XML-RPC encoding, which is worse than the dreaded SOAP encoding.

Update: iM afraid that AtomAPI will suck as much or more than MetaWeblogAPI. My confidence is in Tim Bray, who seems to be capable of producing good stuff. Tim, don't fail me.

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