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Mon, 27 Dec 2004 14:17:38 GMT
My Wallop

Wallop send me a weekly activity report. The activity report is simply the new blog entries that Wallop has sucked up from the Blogosphere. In other words, there's no real content being added to Wallop anymore, which is not a good sign for a social network that's still in research mode.

I'm starting to think that Wallop is fundamentally flawed. The flaw is that it sucks up your blog into Wallop and other Wallop users can post comment on your Wallop blog, which is really just an image of your real blog. The problem is that the comments on your Wallop blog are not mirrored back to your real blog. This is broken. Wallop should learn to use commantAPI to postback all the comments. In fact, they could add a tagline "posted by Wallop" to give them some real estate.

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