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Sun, 26 Dec 2004 15:48:19 GMT
To the Scotts

This is my critique of Feedster, at the request of Scott Rafer, similar to my critique of Technorati.

  1. My first point is really annoying for someone like myself who enables javascript debugging. Every search result page has a javascript error. Very annoying.
  2. The user interface is difficult to navigate. Feedster copied Google's interface, but sometimes copying is not the right thing.
  3. User's don't need to know about PHP or system errors. For instance, when the Feedster system is down for maintenance, I get the error "NULL Database link is:", which doesn't help.
  4. Feedster, like today, seems to have really long unplanned outages. Mind you, it's Xmas and I wouldn't expect Scott J to be working. Still, it would be nice if things just worked all-the-time.

The Feedster database seems to be down, so I'm not finished yet. Feedster is back! Searching happiness resumes.

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by the numbers?
1. I'm under the impression that most javascript-intensive sites do that to the javascript debuggers (particularly on windows machines). is that not true?
2. What would you change? We're planning a general clean up and a few more interesting tools on the homepage for newbies but not a radical restructuring of the search returns pages.
3. true. those are decreasing in number and frequency but faster would be better.
4. mea culpa. dec 25/6 was the time in at least 90 days (i could look it up but am being mildly lazy) that we had an outage of more than a few minutes. There is a decent chance that we'll be struggling in that regard until the third week in January when the cage gets upgraded.
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