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Fri, 24 Dec 2004 05:22:22 GMT
Tim Bray explains RDF

Tim Bray: Speaking only for myself, I have never actually managed to write down a chunk of RDF/XML correctly, even when I had the triples laid out quite clearly in my head. Furthermore—once again speaking for myself—I find most existing RDF/XML entirely unreadable. And I think I understand the theory reasonably well.

Randy: Tim seems to express my thoughts better than I can. People have been trying to stuff RDF/XML down my throat since around 97-98 timeframe. I kinda think I understand it, but then I read the FOAF spec and I realize this beast is bigger than I thought. My lack of grasp of FOAF is likely partially due to the fact that the FOAF spec is barely half baked. Occasionally, someobody will try to stuff some more RDF down my throat, but I'm smart enough now to know that few people can actually do the RDF thing. My response now is to ask them to give me an RDF sample of what they are looking for. That always ends the conversation.

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