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Thu, 23 Dec 2004 01:43:11 GMT
CITA RSS Aggregator

Today, I came across a new RSS reader, this one called CITA RSS Aggregator. Install was plain-Jane. Then I went to import my OPML reading list and ...

File is not in OPML format. 'opml' tag is missing.

Uninstall. Sorry, no time to enter that list one-at-a-time.

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Hey!  Just came across this.  It would have been more constructive to have let me know of the problem - wouldn't it?


Andy, I did! I'll resend privately.


My apologies.  Maybe my anti-spam reckoned it was a spam message because I didn't see it.


No apology necessary. You fix that bug and I'll take another shot at installing it. I'm kinda tired of Sharpreader, no new releases in six months, but can't find anything better. If I could import my subscription list to CITA RSS reader, then I'll take it around town and give you more feedback.


I just released version 1.8a which fixes the bug.

By all means try it.  I'd appreciate any feedback.  Note, however, that my target audience is a disparate group of business people that will rarely have more than, say, 10 feeds.  So I have made the interface as simple as I can, consistent with good practice.  Specifically I decided not to implement a three pane view but a much simpler two-pane one.


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