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Mon, 13 Dec 2004 22:01:12 GMT
What's wrong with Technorati?

Richard MacManus: What, my links not good enough for you Technorati? ;-) I say that with a wink, but to be honest I'm pissed off with Technorati. My main weblog, Read/Write Web, is not being indexed there and so none of my outbound links show up in Technorati. Therefore nobody would know I'm linking to them, if they're only using Technorati to track blogs. And let's face it, they are the number 1 blog indexing service - by popularity if not by quality of service.

Randy: Join the club. I stopped using Technorati. It just doesn't work anymore. Try Bloglines citations. I get much better and much more results. See for yourself. Here's my domain at Technorati. Here's my domain at Bloglines.

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