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Mon, 13 Dec 2004 04:19:17 GMT
Theory on why RSS Traffic is out of Control

Robert Scoble: Here, let's talk about a population of 1000 people. [cut] So, that comes out to 8,200 hits for HTML vs 158,000 for RSS. Again, if my math (and theories/assumptions) are correct.

Randy: Here is what Scoble missed. Web visitors will surf more than one page and each of those pages typically have a lot of images. For instance, the MSDN homepage when navigated causes 20 hits, not 1. Assuming 2 pages and maybe 30 hits (less duplicates) per visit and you have 250k hits for HTML and 150k hits for RSS. The next step to note is that many of the 30 hits on the Web navigation were images which don't gzip very well, whereas RSS and HTML gzip very nicely.

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