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Wed, 08 Dec 2004 01:27:37 GMT
Blocking RSS advertising

Jason Kottke: A few questions related to this issue:

Q: Do you (or will you) want ad blocking in the newsreader you use?
A: No.

Q: Will the structure of RSS/Atom files make ad blocking easier than in HTML or not?
A: No, it won't, but the lessons learned from HTML will.

Q: How will you react to pressure from feed advertising companies like Overture or Kanoodle or companies that rely on feed advertising as a revenue stream to encourage you to keep ad blocking capabilities out of your software?
A: I wouldn't be worried either way, but would prefer the users make their own decision about ads. Don't like the ads? Then unsubscribe.

Q: In the inevitable(?) arms race between ad blockers and advertisements, what happens to the separation between editorial content and advertising? Ads disguised as content are harder to block, but how can the reader distinguish them from content? Are you folks with ads in their RSS/Atom files concerned about that?
A: Again, the user has to make his own decisions. If he wants to subscribe to Fark or Marc Canter, blogs that takes money in exchange for entries, then fine. I do!

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