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Sun, 05 Dec 2004 10:16:06 GMT
Aggregator Doesn't Support Unicode BOM?

An RSS Blog reader: Submiting this feed to Pusher doesn't work.

Pusher response: Hmmm... I've never come across that before.  The RSS parser being used is a canned package:, and the unfortunate reality is that if magpie doesn't support it, neither does

Magpie response: My answer [is] kind of like [Pusher], if the XML libraries I'm using don't support it then Magpie doesn't support it. That said, I've never heard of an issue where BOM was a problem, are you sure [Pusher] has properly diagnosed the issue?

Pusher: I don't believe that it is a magpie issue. PHP's i18n support is also weak at best in the version I'm using.

Pusher: This is fixed.  It really is a problem with PHP's i18n support, and I'm
quite surprised that it is not well documented.

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