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Thu, 02 Dec 2004 19:28:02 GMT
Weblogs.com needs a rewrite

Dave Winer: With Typepad, MSN Spaces and Blogger and a gazillion other blogs pinging weblogs.com, the server, which is written in scripts, has met its match. [cut] What I don't want: Offers from companies to buy weblogs.com. It's important that this resource stay independent.

Tim Bray: A pity, because a big company (like Sun, for example) already has the infrastructure to support this and wouldn’t even notice the bandwidth. And a pity because I already know how to write Apache modules and would like to learn Velocity.

Randy: This would be an awesome chance to start working together again. Dave, take Tim's round-about offer. It'll be a good platform for the weblogs.com service and it might be a place to start the healing.

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