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Thu, 02 Dec 2004 05:40:34 GMT
Not so thrilled with Orkut, Orkut sucks!

Chris Hammond: I signed up for Orkut back when it was first announced, thinking wow this could be cool. I hadn't really touched it since. Today I started playing around with it again. And all I can say so far is that Orkut Sucks. I keep getting the darn No Donut For You error. I pretty much have to do anything I want to do twice, first time I get an error, the second time it may actually go through. Orkut blows!

Randy: One donut for Chris. Today, it sucked bigger than ever. When I would submit a post, it would ask me to login again. Re-type the post and re-submit and it takes me to login again. Repeat. Same results. Sucks!

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It's likely that the server will behave this way on occasion during the coming months. We apologize for the inconvenience and for our server's lack of consideration for others.
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