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Thu, 02 Dec 2004 03:48:18 GMT
MSN Spaces Debuts

MSN: The MSN network of Internet services today introduced updates to its free communication services to make e-mail, instant messaging and online sharing easier and more personal for consumers. [cut] MSN Spaces enable consumers to easily display their pictures via a photo album slide show.

Souce: iBt4iM reader Robert Scoble.

Randy: My space is Geek Space.

Update: I can no longer connect to MSN Spaces. Unsure why.

Tony Gentile: Service didn't crash; still rolling out across the cluster and expected to be available at ~9PM PT tonight.

Update: It's back up!

Overall Review: This is a stepping stone compared to Wallop. I wonder how MSN Spaces and Wallop will work together.

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Hi ya lov ya mwah!!

Hi ya lov ya mwah!!

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