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Sun, 21 Nov 2004 16:04:17 GMT
Where's the RSS Advisory Board?

Every once in awhile, I like to repeat this message. Where's the RSS Advisory Board. The current members are MIA, save Adam Curry. If Harvard and two thirds of the RSS Advisory Board are no longer willing to move RSS, then let's start talking about where RSS should live? Can anybody confirm that Steve Zellers is a real person? I can't. Let's get the real people behind the RSS movement to lead us forward; Dare Obasanjo, Don Park, Robert Scoble and Scott Johnson.

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Well, after a year of waiting for Atom, I'm starting to think this band wagon is another waste of my time. I've written Schematron, XSD, WSDL for Atom and yet we argue about whether datetimes should have timezones and come up w/ Web services implementations that can't actually work.


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