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Tue, 16 Nov 2004 05:00:11 GMT
Dublin Core attributes

Danny found an issue w/ the validator. Reading the Dublin Core XML Schema, I incorrect read (actually, I read correctly) that dublin core elements could not have xml content or attributes with the exception of xml:lang. I've modified the Schematron to account for another attribute rdf:resource. I've also allowed xml content after re-reading the RDF primer.

I haven't deployed this fix yet, but soon. I'm looking for more exact feedback, so here's what I described in the Schematron for Dublin Core.

<assert test="not(@*[name()!='xml:lang' and name()!='rdf:resource'])">
&lt;<name/>&gt; must only have the xml:lang and rdf:resource attribute.
<assert test="not(@rdf:resource) or not(string-length(.)&gt;0 or child::*)">
&lt;<name/>&gt; must not have both content and the rdf:resource attribute.

What this says, is that the dublin core element can only have the xml:lang and rdf:resource attributes and may not have content if the rdf:resource attribute is present (code currently in testing). Correct?

By the way, this is another experience w/ RDF that scares me away from using it. Too complex!

Update: Danny has posted on this subject. Which leads me to note, I should read the RDF Syntax Grammar and convert it into Schematron.

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