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Wed, 10 Nov 2004 15:23:07 GMT
Is Atom Ready For Prime Time?

Don Park: Even if victory is declared now for the Atom feed format, it will just start a Brand War since feature differences are minor, leaving only the brand as the primary differentiator. As I pointed out seemingly ages ago, the area Atom could have made the biggest impact is in the protocol/API.  But as you can see by the level of activities in the Atom protocol mailing list, work on the protocol haven't gained much ground, let alone converge. I don't think it's too late to use RSS 2.0 as the starting point and build on it without breaking backward compatibility.  Most of the items in Tim's list of advantages can be added to RSS 2.0 as extensions, either individually or as a set called Atom.  This will allow the Atom WG to focus on the protocol instead of getting angry.

Randy: Atom, we don't need YASF (Yet Another Syndication Format). Give us an API that works!

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