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Mon, 08 Nov 2004 19:35:22 GMT
Blogger Status

Nov 7: We're once again having trouble with a database server today and have had to restart it multiple times.
Nov 5: We had another significant problem with a database server last night that would have resulted in a large number of errors and problems with accessing posts.
Nov 3: One of the database servers was having performance trouble for several hours this morning starting at about 5am PST.
Nov 1: Mail-to-Blogger is currently having some problems

Randy: Posting to Blogger has become next to impossible. The users are starting to complain.

Question: Anything happen lately at Blogger? Any key employees leave?

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Currently able to post to blogger, but no site on is available.

WTF is going on with blogger this week?
not being able to log in to my blogs.   can view them though. April 21 GMT+6
Type "339":
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