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Fri, 05 Nov 2004 16:22:08 GMT
RSS 1.0 Enclosures

Danny Ayers: Suzan Foster has a schema (announcement) for media “enclosures” with RSS 1.0 feeds.


Randy: Great idea! Note, I don't understand the uppercase E enc:Enclosure inside the lowercase e enc:enclosure.

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Thanks for the ref.

enc:enclosure is a property, enc:Enclosure is (an instance of) a class, you could read this something like:

item hasEnclosure Enclosure

There's a structural interpretation going on, commonly known as striping when you have this style of RDF/XML : node -edge-> node -edge-> node etc.

rss:item is a node (actually a resource, it has an associated URI  though I missed that off the example, d'oh), enc:enclosure is an edge, enc:Enclosure corresponds to a  node (actually a blank node in Suzan's vocab as it doesn't have a directly  associated resource).

Hope that makes some kind of sense.


Is this common in other RDF vocabularies?


Type "339":
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