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Mon, 01 Nov 2004 19:39:04 GMT
Does your aggregator support enclosures?

Robert Scoble: Dave, NewsGator supports enclosures too. (Dave's talking about news aggregators and has been asking lately why more of them don't support RSS 2.0's enclosures). Does your aggregator support enclosures? If so, you can use it to receive podcasts, among other things (Channel 9's RSS feed for videos includes enclosures so you can subscribe to our videos).

Randy: Quite a horror story coming. Following Robert's blog entry, I decided to check if Sauce Reader supported enclosures. So, I opened it up and cut the link to Sauce Reader, hit the subscribe button and....

Could not create microcontent from URL?

My immediate thought was that Sauce Reader didn't work w/ enclosures, until a second glance revealed that the subscription item's title was{etc}. Is Sauce Reader using bloglines for subscriptions? I went to another blog that doesn't have enclosures and tried to subscribe. Same error. I tried several other blogs. Same error. Sauce Reader is broken? I can no longer subscribe to any new feeds. Uninstall.

Back to Sharpreader! FYI, doesn't seem to be any enclosure support in Sharpreader. The export/import between Sauce Reader and Sharpreader worked.

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Sorry to hear about the problem you're experiencing. Sauce Reader doesn't currently support enclosures, but of course that shouldn't break the software. I can also confirm that we do not use bloglines for subscriptions.

Could you please send a copy of your data set to us ( for debugging? If so, just zip the directory c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Sauce Reader\data and send it through.

Thanks, Nathan

Done. Please tell me if you don't get the 3MB attachment. Also, ignore all the pornographic RSS feeds ;)


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