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Sat, 23 Oct 2004 14:18:11 GMT
Schematron Oops!

I was reading the schematron spec today and my eyes went crossed. It would seem that the schematron schema for schematron is not valid XML. It has two well-formed bugs. Both in the following <pattern>...

<sch:pattern abstract="true" name="requiredAttribute>
<sch:rule context=" $context ">
<sch:assert test="string-length( $attribute ) &gt; 0">
The <sch:name/> element should have a
<sch:value-of select="$attribute /name()" /> attribute.

Note the name atttribute-value of pattern is not closed by a quote and the rule element isn't closed either. A validation bug in a validation spec :)

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Awesome Rick, I'm a big fan of Schematon, it's great to have you commenting on my little blog. Thanks!


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