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Sat, 16 Oct 2004 00:20:23 GMT
Where is Atom Going?

I spent a few moments catching up on the Atom mailing list today. Wow! I must say. This is weird. It seems that the Atom mailing list is spending a great deal of time trying to catch up w/ RSS 2.0, which has been frozen for more than two years. Most of the list is now consumed w/ how to get ttl, skipDays, skipHours and enclosures into the Atom syntax. A year has past and Atom remains in the catching up to RSS 2.0 stage.

Another thing I noted today, is that the latest version of the Atom syntax spec doesn't seem to have a version number. We were at 0.3 at one point. Now we seem to be in no man's land. The only version I see is 02, which would be lower, or at least I assume, than 0.3, but that wouldn't make any sense, because it's a later version. Confusion? I thought we put a version attribute in the feed so that readers would have a trigger to determine how to parse various versions of the feed.

Ah, here we are, on page 15 of 28, it says, "The version identifier for this specification is 'draft-ietf-atompub-format-02: do not deploy'." I guess were shit out of luck. See you after Xmas.

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