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Sat, 02 Oct 2004 21:33:43 GMT
It Just Doesn't Works

Danny Ayers: Tonight I planned to get to the bottom of problems I encountered last night (while tired), working on a minimal SOAP-based (WSDL-generated, C#) Atom client. My starting point was the marvellous material put forward by Sam and Randy [cut]. But trying to SOAPily POST to Blogger I got all kinds of errors.

Randy: I've encountered the same issues on the numerous times I've tried writing clients. The problem is rooted in the complexity of the Atom SOAP implementation. A large part of the complexity lies in trying to reproduce the RESTful feel in a protocol that has RPC roots. Most of the SOAP tools work well w/ RPC flavored SOAP and don't work at all or not well w/ RESTful SOAP. That's because SOAP was an RPC before it was RESTful.

That said, the problems Danny is having are not SOAP related. Blogger SOAP requires a BlogID. I assume the REST implementation would also require a BlogID. Typepad SOAP requires you know your password. I assume the REST implementation would also require knowledge of your password, or at least I hope it does ;)

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