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Fri, 01 Oct 2004 12:23:27 GMT OK!

After a slow start, getting less than 0.5 CPC, I've got my CPC up to between 1 and 15 CPC. That's comparable to Adsense. But the best part is that advertisers are specifically bidding for placement on my Website, which means the price will increase as more advertisers find value in adversiting on my Website. Now, of course, this could all change very quickly, but I'm getting very happy w/ I still think it's too difficult to bid and haven't bid on any ad real estate, because it's not trivial enough.

Update: The 15 CPC never realized. Bidvertiser doesn't actually pay the amount people bid, rather they pay one cent more than the second highest bid. That sort of makes Bidvertiser less useful.

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they suck
Bidvertiser seems to rip people off.. My top 10 ad bidders were supposed to be 55 CPC and above yet Bidvertiser is only paying 9 CPC. Which seems illegal.

I wouldn't say it's illegal, but it definately seems misleading.


i just been ripped off by them to, A word of warning to others thinking about joining DON`T
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