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Thu, 30 Sep 2004 14:06:22 GMT
Let's Examine...

... Yahoo!'s new myYahoo! feed, which strangely enough validates (from time-to-time).

  1. The <image> element is missing a required rdf:about attribute.
  2. The <image> element has an illegal width child element.
  3. The <image> element has an illegal height child element.
  4. The <channel> element has an illegal language child element.
  5. The <channel> element has an illegal lastBuildDate child element.
  6. The <channel> element has an illegal ttl child element.
  7. The <item> element has an illegal pubDate child element.

All the errors are caused by trying to use RSS 2.0 elements in RSS 1.0. I wish the FeedValidator would emit these as errors, if not warnings.

Update: I just noticed that link is really just a Yahoo! news link. Hmmm! Are Yahoo! news feeds that bad too? Fortunately, they are much better. The Top Stories feed looks pretty awesome. In fact, I can't find anything wrong w/ it.

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Looks like there is different code producing the regular news feeds and the news search feeds. Hmm...

Awesome, looks like Brent picked up on an issue (#8) that I missed.


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