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Mon, 20 Sep 2004 03:36:22 GMT
What is Moblogging?

Dave Winer: Moblogging is any activity that occurs away from your normal blog-writing place whose purpose is to create content for your blog.

Source: Dan Gilmour.

Randy: I would define Moblogging as mobile blogging, that is, blogging from a mobile device. Mobile devices include PDAs, RIMs, J2MEs, Smartphones, Palms, cell phones w/ digital cameras and digital cameras and camcorders. Under Dave's definition, does writing a blog entry from an Internet Cafe qualify as moblogging? How about buying a magazine that you need for research on a blog entry you have on the back of your mind? I think Dave's definition incorrectly includes such blogging activities and I would exclude them from any definition of moblogging.

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