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Fri, 17 Sep 2004 05:05:33 GMT

Rooneg: What does it do? In short, it allows you to only send new entries in your Atom feeds down to the clients. The client program adds a few HTTP headers (a If-Modified-Since to tell you what the last time they got was and an A-IM that indicates you support the 'feed' IM) and things just magically work.

Source: Sam Ruby.

Randy: This is RFC3229 support for Apache. Read Rooneg's original article and don't forget Sam's follow on. Further, Bob Wyman has been preaching 3229 on his blog. The only problem w/ 3229 is that it's not widely used by any HTTP clients and from what I know, it's not used by any RSS readers.

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Most RSS clients don't support Etags and gzip. I'd prefer they get the basics done first before they move onto something new. I think it's time I setup a test to confirm, who supports what.


Well, if _Most_ is 50% or higher, then the answer is "I think so, but I'm not sure." So, let's test this out.


I think Bob's main use case was passing *big* feeds from A to B, with it making little difference for most clients. The earlier suggestion (at Sam's) didn't need any changes at the client at all, this one might mutate that way too. Note also that this needs Etag support as a prerequisite.
( a prerequisite for using the diffs - if I understand correctly all these suggestions will fall back on normal operation if the ggregator doesn't support them)
Type "339":
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