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Fri, 17 Sep 2004 01:33:55 GMT
Publisher-Opt-Out for RSS

Dave Winer: Just got off the phone with Steve Gillmor. He asked about yesterday's post about publisher-opt-out for RSS. I wrote up a proposal approx two years ago. Yesterday Adam had an interesting idea of how to do it. If a feed has a very large ttl value, then go ahead and unsub. I like that approach. Nothing new has to be invented or documented.

Randy: The above both seem like a bad idea. Many RSS readers, like my Juice browser are already implementing the 410 Gone solution. This solution for tearing down a subscription channel is not a new invention and is well documented. Nothing new has to be invented or documented. And it's already implemented by many RSS readers.

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Well, I want to disagree w/ u guy, but I can't ;)


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