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Thu, 09 Sep 2004 02:40:02 GMT
RSS is broken, is what happened

Robert Scoble: It's not scalable when 10s of thousands of people start subscribing to thousands of separate RSS feeds and start pulling down those feeds every few minutes (default aggregator behavior is to pull down a feed every hour). Bandwidth usage was growing faster than MSDN's ability to pay for, or keep up with, the bandwidth. Terrabytes of bandwidth were being used up by RSS.

Randy: I've heard this too many times before. In fact, they have complained, they were told they were wrong and how to fix and they didn't fix it. I'm guessing they were just crying wolf. I guess we'll rehash this issue again. The wolf criers will be shown what they are doing wrong and the issue will eventually go away again. Or maybe we'll fix another problem that only exist when you write bad code.

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