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Mon, 23 Aug 2004 16:38:43 GMT
Identifying Atom

Quote: And people wonder why RSS turned my hair gray.

Source: Roger Cadenhead.

Randy: Another misleading article on RSS and Atom. There's a history here. This is very similar to the presidential race. Bush carries on a positive campaign, while his VP and his lackeys attack the opposition w/ obviously invalid arguments.

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The difference between obvious and conspiracy is often perspective.



I'm certain the Atomites believe Rogers is just Winer's mouthpiece. I'm privy to the fact that the RSSers believe Pilgram is Sam's mouthpiece. Truth is, they're both correct. I doubt you can call it cabal egging on, but definately cabal.

But I don't think that you can group me in the cabals. I've never met Rogers, Winer, Mark or Sam (or Tim), nor have I ever made any voice contact w/ any. I have on occasion exchanged emails w/ Winer, Mark and Sam, mostly unpleasant and I IRCed once or twice w/ Sam. I'm most clearly an outsider watching the show.

The funny part is when Atomites read this, they'll think to themselves, "Give me a break Randy, you're clearly part of the RSS cabal." And RSSers who read this will think to themselves, "Give me a break Randy, you're clearly part of the Atom cabal."



Have you considered why you need to exaggerate every comment I've made in this thread? Afraid of something? Denial? I wonder if you are an RSSer or an Atomite? You didn't argue the Rogers/Winer cabal, in fact, you presented it.



I always hated angled brackets. Long live Pascal!


Yeah Dave, what's wrong with you!  Haven't you figured out yet that Randy is always right?


I brought Swift Boats into this because Mark's campaigning for Atom like this was a presidential campaign and only one side could win.

Personally, I think it's a bad strategy. Too many people use (and like) RSS for it to be abandoned for its perceived faults. Atom needs to answer a simple question to succeed: What can I do with it that I can't do anywhere else?

I'm an RSS advocate, but if Atom 1.0 answers that question well, I'll be using that format eagerly.
Last comment was by Rogers Cadenhead. Forgot to sign it.
I agree with you to a point, but when a writer on an authoritative tech site is saying things like "Really Simple Syndication is really only simple if you're doing it incorrectly," it ought to be refuted by someone who knows better.


And thanks Rogers. I appreciate it.


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