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Fri, 13 Aug 2004 23:38:09 GMT
Blogs: The Marketing Killer

InternetNews: The tried and true marketing and PR departments may one day make the endangered species list thanks to a rush of corporate interest in blogs and RSS feeds. Weblogging -- or blogging -- is taking social networking to new heights.

Source: Steve Rubel.

Randy: A very interesting article on how RSS is taking the world of PR by storm. There is some obvious mistake in the article. Italics are quotes from the InternetNews article.

The addition of XML, (define) and Atom have augmented RSS, making posting and retrieving information easier than ever. Randy: Nobody added XML to RSS, it started out as an application XML. Atom is still in the specification stage, so it hasn't made anything easier, yet.

While it is difficult to calculate exactly how many individuals are using Web sites as journals, Blog Census estimates that there are roughly 2.1 million likely Weblogs. Randy: LiveJournal has over 4 million blogs alone.

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