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Wed, 11 Aug 2004 13:17:28 GMT
Validate Your Blog

There's a movement a foot to validate everybodies' blog using the W3C HTML validator. My blog has a few issues. A couple are long known issues that I've fix in the transform, but have not yet deployed. A couple others are simple laziness on my part when I write new blog entries. I'll try to do a better job.

My point, I haven't made a point yet. We should validate our HTML, no doubt. A few errors here and there isn't that bad, but it's still bad. A truck full of errors is, well, bad. Any errors on a few lines of HTML is, well, bad. Non well-formed XHTML is very bad (Why use XHTML if it's not going to be well-formed). My point, is that most of us have HTML validation issues. Let's work on them. But, those complaining have HTML validation issues also. Find a mirror and fix your own blog.

Last, validation is a great reason to use the Juice Browser. There's menu options to validate HTML, CSS, RSS, XML well-formedness and XML. It's pretty cool. Surf to the page you want to validate. Point and click. Validation results.

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Agreed, it is hard to create validating HTML. In my case, my blog allows drag and drop from other sites, which I do often. But, I've considered writing an HTML checker to validate the HTML fragments.


You gotta love Keith's law. BTW, meant to ask, what's the source and is that an original thought?


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