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Thu, 05 Aug 2004 16:52:48 GMT
An engineer's personal hell

Geeking w/ Greg: Scott Johnson (VP of Engineering at Feedster) has a desperate sounding post about dealing with quality, reliability, and scaling issues at Feedster. [cut] Feedster and Technorati are fantastic blog search engines, more targeted and useful than Google for finding weblogs and weblog articles. Lately, because of Technorati's own scaling issues, I've been tending to use Feedster a lot more. I haven't noticed quality or performance issues with Feedster, but it does sound like they're struggling. [cut] Some might recommend taking time for a big rearchitecture project. "Stop doing anything, freeze the code, and rewrite everything," they'll say. I'd recommend against that approach. I've never seen anyone successfully deliver a rearchitecture project that had no other purpose but "cleaning up the code."

Randy: Greg is pretty smart. I have to agree entirely w/ his last statement where I too have never seen a successful rearchitecture project. And you can add my current project, Lemontonic to the scaling woes category.

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