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Thu, 29 Jul 2004 19:31:41 GMT
What bloggers can teach us
Quote: Conrad Black is probably too busy — or distracted — to pay much attention to the bloggers at the Democratic and Republican national conventions, but their presence is instructive for anyone who pretends to be a journalist.[cut] Perhaps this is modesty speaking, because what is evident is that bloggers are really fulfilling a reporting function. They are like emissaries of their communities, whose views they represent at a major political event, and who make sure that the folks back home get the kind of information that matters to them. [cut] Bloggers are rushing in to fill a void, one that was once held by local newspapers, who sent reporters as representatives of a constituency back home to report on major events in the way that mattered to their communities.

Source: Scripting.

Randy: An awesome article on a void filled by the blogger.

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