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Thu, 22 Jul 2004 01:21:00 GMT
Technorati and CNN

Sifry: A few minutes ago CNN announced that Technorati will be providing real-time analysis of the political blogosphere at next week's Democratic National Convention. I will be on-site in CNN's convention broadcast center, along with Mary Hodder, and I'll be providing regular on-air commentary on what bloggers are saying about politics and the convention. And on Sunday, July 25, we'll launch a new section of our site for political coverage:

Randy: Gotta wonder if this Website will respond once in awhile, during the convention. Funny, this page has 11 lines of XHTML that doesn't validate. I just don't get it. I understand, if you have a few warnings in a 100-1000 line page of HTML, but how can 11 simple lines not validate :(

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