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Fri, 16 Jul 2004 16:16:42 GMT
Feedster rejects IE/Mac users

Tantek: I have been a happy Feedster user for quite some time now. I've been impressed by the speed of their searches, not to mention their site stability. However, Feedster was updated recently, and as a part of their update, they apparently decided to be inaccessible to IE/Mac users, and therefore they've lost at least one user. I don't mean that their website breaks in IE5/Mac, I mean they literally send IE/Mac users a rejection page:

We hate to do this to you but if you want to use Feedster, you're going to need to update your browser to Safari, FireFox or another more modern browser. Internet Explorer on the Macintosh hasn't been updated now in years and we want to deliver you the best possible experience. We know updating a browser is just plain annoying but we also know that the newer browsers just plain work better and you'll probably be much happier.

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Agreed! But sometimes, the business requirements are otherwise. I've argued this point w/ the business analysts too many times and lost. In the end, I did pretty much the same w/ every Web site I've built :(


Internet Explorer really sucks though. It's kinda like the "low rent" browser. Even though Firefox is also free, and much much muuuuch better I might add it still comes off as a bmw compared to the chavette IE is. Still .... excluding users based on browser is wrong - it shows a lack in web developlment skills.
As if Microsoft and hasn't done everthing in its power for the last ten years to make Explorer the one and only browser to the exclusion and detriment of every other browser out there... I can't tell you how many web sites on the planet Earth don't work right with Mac or Linux based browsers.

Jay Gamel
. My I do not like anything feedster
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