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Thu, 15 Jul 2004 12:11:41 GMT
Latest Atom XSD

I substantially updated my Atom XSD last night to account for the latest changes accepted by the Atom IETF working group.

I stole the idea of commonAttributes from Norman Walsh's Atom schemas. Thanks Norman!

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I wanted to use your Atom.xsd.

But I think there is a problem with the naming of the attributes and the elements .

1� - In the xs:ComplexType named "feedType" the second element named "entry"  makes a r�f�rence in its type attribute to "atom:entryType";

So, the element named "entry" is never ref�renced by any element. So it  becomes impossible to determine the main element  of the schema !!!!

2�) I was asking myself :

  • why the values of type attributes are in the form of "atom :  unNom" 
  • and why the  name of the referenced elements are in a more simple form ( witout the prefix).

This introduce some overhead in the parsing of the schema.


What do you think of ?


My mail adress

best regards

  1. yryrt
Type "339":
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