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Tue, 06 Jul 2004 08:22:06 GMT
rss.xml on IIS Invalid?

Some of you may wake up this morning to find that your RSS feed is invalid. If you use a standard setup of IIS and serve your RSS as rss.xml or any filename w/ the .xml extension, then your RSS feed may now be considered invalid. This was caused by a change to the FeedValidator over the weekend. The fix may also cause Manilla flavored RSS feeds to be issued warnings and even errors by the FeedValidator.

iM unsure why I get this error. My only guess is that the FeedValidator incorrectly does a case sensitive comparison when matching the encoding values.

Instructions to fix can be found here.

Update: The errors may have been caused by a bad refactoring of the FeedValidator code. This would be good news and should result in a timely fix of the FeedValidator.

Update: The bad refactoring was confirmed by Joe on the iBLOGthere4iM blog. A fix is on its way.

Update: The problem w/ the FeedValidator has been fixed.

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Hey my school has blocked mostlty everything, none of this shit works that you guys have up. Find something that actually works and i will be happy.
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This was intentional to allow the format to grow at the  level. This document is an attempt to describe how people have been using the attributes in OPML applications.
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